Be Kind To Everyone:

Be the type of person you would want to encounter here. If you wouldn't want to be on the receiving-end of a comment, then don't say it.

Be Constructive and Positive:

Your goal should always be to make our community a better place. If you have some feedback/criticism, you should first think about how the problem could be solved, and post suggestions on what you think we could do. All criticisms need to be accompanied by constructive suggestions on how it could be fixed/improved. Keep in mind that criticizing an idea is not the same as attacking someone's person. You can be honest and say you don't agree with someone's idea, just make sure that you're actually offering criticism and being not insulting.

Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. Constructive criticism should not defame anyone or hurt anyone's feelings.

Do Not Advertise:

Threads, discussions or direct messages via website / Discord or any other medium to our members centered around rival/other servers are not allowed. Directly/Indirectly advertising social media related to other servers is also not allowed.

Do Not Slander Or Spread Hate:

Spreading false rumours about staff or the community or any methods used in order to bring hate to any individual of the community, including staff members, YTs, Twitch Streams etc. will not be tolerated! This also includes actively supporting and helping to spread hate or slander brought up by other people.

Anti LGBTQIA+ Behaviour:

This community is a proud supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and we will not tolerate any form of hate speech, violent threats, disrespect or any toxic behavior towards any member that is either openly out or not. We will instantly ban anybody also that attempts to force out somebody when they do not wish to be open about their sexuality, this is a safe community and any form of harassment will not be tolerated and we will take legal action if we feel your actions break the law or are harmful towards a member.

Age Limit:

We have an age limit of 13 this is so we are sure the people we whitelist are mature enough for this server. If an applicant is under 13 they can be whitelisted provided they have an accompanying adult (over 18) who also joins the community under a separate account. If either of the accounts are found breaking the rules then both parties will be held accountable; this means if one account is banned then the other will be too!

Warnings And Bans:

Pretty simple follow the rules you won't get a warning or you won't get banned but for all intents and purposes these are what you need to know.

  • 3 Warning and you get permanently banned
  • Breaking of the rules regarding toxic behavior and harassment is a instant ban
  • Ban Appeals are not a thing here once your banned that is it your gone for good
  • Staff have the final say on who gets a warning and who gets banned, it doesn't need to be listed above, as it is at their own discretion.


When you join our discord be sure to read the #rules channel before going anywhere. Generally until your whitelist application is approved you will be stuck in the Lobby till your approved once you have been approved all the other channels will appear, simply follow the simple rules

  • Be Mature in Voice Channel (Do not annoy Bubbles)
  • Use Common Sense (Bubbles Has None)
  • Read the rules in the #rules channel

Automated Mining:

Pretty simple do it in the mining dimension unless specifically told otherwise by MissJin or Bubbles


This is provided by the server free of charge so no pumping lava from the nether

Creating Custom Dimensions:

Creation of custom dimensions (for example with RFTools) is strictly forbidden on all our modded servers. Making a custom dimension will result in a permanent ban without any warning!

To compensate for not allowing everyone to create their own custom dimension we have added the option to order a custom RFTools dimension in our web store (go check it out).

Additionally there will be a public mining dimension made available with a portal at spawn, which will be reset at the first of each month.

Be Server Friendly:

Given the nature of Minecraft and modded Minecraft especially, we need all our community members to be as efficient as possible when it comes to making complicated contraptions. Things like large amounts of animals, mobs or villagers in a farm or overly complicated factory setups are big, server resource consuming, no-goes! Occasionally there will also be simpler elements that will go wrong without your fault, because of bugs in a mod or simply poor coding.

In either case, if your contraption begins to take up a significant amount of server resources, we will need you to downsize it or remove certain parts; If you have been asked to do so by our staff and have not done so, we will remove the contraption in question without compensation.

Other Stuff:

  • PVP without the consent of both parties is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not attempt to bypass the rules for banned items.
  • Remove single block pillars that you have built while exploring, same goes for trees, chop them down completely.
  • Do not spawn in any destructive bosses in the overworld, unless it is in a secure cell in your base. If such a boss gets loose from such a cell, you will still be held accountable.
  • Using auto-clickers will result in a warning, do not use them!


What is considered griefing (just to get an idea, this list is by no means complete):

  • Attempting to break blocks belonging to another player without permission
  • Attempting to take items belonging to another player without permission
  • Using items that actively harm a player
  • Casting spells or testing your awesome new weapon on a player without permission
  • Killing mobs belonging to another player without permission
  • Breaking / harvesting crops belonging to another player without permission
  • Borrowing items without permission
  • Allowing wither bosses or other destructive bosses to escape your “secure” kill chamber

The above list does not show all scenarios, just keep in mind if it is not yours or if you are not sure if an item/building is naturally generated or player owned, just leave it as is, the consequence for taking just a cookie from a chest that does not belong to you is a permanent ban!

Claiming and Chunkloading:

Claiming your land is allowed only in overworld (main world where we have spawn) If we find your claim in any other dimension you will receive a warning (read the section about warnings)!

Chunkloading is allowed in all dimensions but keep in mind that you are playing on a server and not in a single player world!

Also chunkloaders only work when you are online.

Refunding of Items:

We only refund items for

  • Theft
  • Grief

We do not offer refunds for items for mod related bugs, loss due to death or grave glitch these are bugs and you need to raise it with the mod developer not us.

Refunding of Donations or Money:

We do not offer refunds of any kind unless requested by a bank or court order due to fraud. Chargebacks attempts will incur a ban

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